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Incentive For Promoters


New feature - Referral's deposits bonus installed.
What that is and what that means?
Every time one of your first tier referral/partner makes a new deposit from external wallet, exact amount is added to bonus balance. Once your accounts referral bonus is higher then the minimum required you are able to collect additional referral bonus from referrals panel. Once bonus have been collected, your account balance gets credited with calculated amount depending on bonus funds size and referral bonus funds deducted to $0.00 and you start again. With bigger size bonus amount, bigger percentage is added to your balance upon collection so it is advised to try waiting for higher funds amount at the referral bonus balance before collecting. There is no time limit and it is valid for ever, you don't need to rush collecting it.
Reminding that bonus is credit only from your direct referral deposits.
More information can be found at referral page by clicking question icon at the top, or by visiting frequently asked questions.
Hope you will enjoy this new feature.
If you desire something new/interesting/never seen before to be implemented let us know by dropping us a support email to our box at [email protected] we will be glad to hear your feedback.


Older News

First Month Online

Slowly but steadily moving forwards. We would like to take a minute and thank our partners and clients for investing their trust in to our small, but ambitious project. Thank you all.

Payeer Available

Payeer staff have approved our program. From now you are able to use payeer for your transactions on PTOOL.

PTOOL Launched

Program is finally ready. Major testing has been done to make sure all is working properly. Welcome everyone to PTOOL your profit tool!

Preparation For Launch!

Last preparation steps are being in progress while we speak. Very soon program should be ready for a full launch! Once final preparations and testing has been completed registration will be available for everyone.